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5000 m3 natural gas hydrogen production project case

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5000 m3 natural gas hydrogen production project case

Methanol cracking pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production technology is a technology that takes methanol and water as raw materials, splits and converts them under certain temperature and pressure through catalyst to obtain hydrogen containing mixed gas, and then purifies hydrogen through pressure swing adsorption.

Technical features:

·The production technology is mature and the operation is safe and reliable.

·Easy source of raw materials, convenient transportation and storage, and stable price.

·The process is simple.

·The device is highly automatic, easy to operate, and convenient to start and stop.

·Small land occupation, low investment and short payback period.

·Low energy consumption and low product cost.

·No environmental pollution.

Reaction principle:



Main performance indicators
Unit size 50~7500Nm3/h (single train)
purity 99%~99.999%
pressure 0.8~2.5MPa
temperature normal atmospheric temperature

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