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6000 cases of hydrogen production from natural gas

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6000 cases of hydrogen production from natural gas

The associated gas of natural gas and oil and gas contains C2 and above hydrocarbon components. In order to obtain high-purity methane products, it is necessary to remove C2 and above hydrocarbon components. The process of pressure swing adsorption purification of CH4 refers to that under a certain pressure and normal temperature, the feed gas passes through the adsorption bed, the hydrocarbon components are adsorbed by a special adsorbent, the product gas CH4 is obtained from the tower top, and the adsorbent is regenerated by vacuuming or flushing to achieve the goal of continuous purification of CH4.

Natural gas de C2 and above projects have been successfully put into operation in Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan, Liaohe Oilfield and other companies.

Technical features:

CH4 purity can reach 96~99.9%, which is easy to adjust;

·Advanced technology and degree of automation;

·The process flow is simple, the operation is flexible, and the startup and shutdown are convenient.

Application leader: Fine Chemicals


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